13 Oct

Psssst……….do you want in on a secret?


Posted by: Brandee McWhinney

I wanted to give you the inside scoop.  Got a minute? I have a lender that is offering this great new 10 year fixed rate mortgage. It is not for everybody…you need to the right set of circumstances in order to qualify for this, such as enough equity in your property or able to switch/transfer with minimal penalty, but the interest rate is the lowest ever at 3.99% for 10 years.

I know it is a 10 year term, but think of it this way the average 5 year fixed rate over the past five years has been 4.92%! The best Variable rate term with discount has been 3.90%! Think of the savings and security of knowing what your rate will be for the next 10 years. “This is Great!” If someone is thinking of buying a house or refinancing they need to know about this”

Not everyone is talking about this right now, and so it is some what of a secret.  This week a client of mine decided to opt in and the savings his family anticipates is over $16,000.  Imagine what you could do with $16,000?  How could it change your life? 

This 10 year rate is not going to be available forever, so I just thought, if you know anybody who’d be interested in a loan that could save them thousands of dollars over the term, you could let them know what a great opportunity this is.  This is one of the most attractive home mortgage programs I have ever seen and I just wanted to spread the word.